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ITERACTIVE is a specialised international staffing platform with a vast experience over 10 years in white collar and blue collar segment.

Our main goal is to provide well-paid and the most suitable job for all job seekers and offer to clients qualified personnel with the newest recruitment solutions without any borders. The result of our services is that candidate gets better pay and life abroad and customer gets better employee. The activities of ours are focused on the northern and the western countries within EU labour markets.

If you are looking for the co-operation that worth, ITERACTIVE is the solution. We are the trusted partner for both employees and employers.

For employees

Interested how the process looks like? Find below short summary how to apply for a job correctly and what’s hidden behind it.

Step-by-step guidance:

  1. Checking the options
  2. Applying for a job
  3. Interview
  4. Result of your application
  5. Contract or pre-contract

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For employers

Qualified personnel, professional communication and reliable coverage of recruitment.

Our clients can rely on us! We provide to our partners fully organized support during the whole process with our candidates. Let us save you your time and together we will change the quality of the labour market.

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Job offers

  • Chefs in The Netherlands – Start ASAP

    The Netherlands

    Full Time

    2100€ - 2500€ net/month

    More info

    Added 19.07.2023

  • Commis de Rang in Austria – Start ASAP

    Tyrol, Austria

    Full Time

    1650€ net/month

    More info

    Added 09.05.2023

  • Bar Waiter in Austria – Start ASAP

    Tyrol, Austria

    Full Time

    2200€ net/month

    More info

    Added 04.05.2023

  • Chef de Rang in Austria – Start ASAP

    Tyrol, Austria

    Full Time

    2000€ net/month

    More info

    Added 17.04.2023

  • Electricians in the Netherlands – Start ASAP

    The Netherlands

    Full Time

    2750€ net/month

    More info

    Added 05.04.2023

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