Step-by-step guidance

Step 1

Checking the options

Pick one position that you would like to apply for, but also consider if you are suitable for this position based on your previous work experience. Every vacancy has specified requirements from our clients, therefore you can clearly see if you are suitable for the job you would like to apply.

Step 2

Applying for a job

Send us your CV via email or directly through the online application form. Prepare CV that would represent your personality the best as well as your talent and visions. Sending of CV speeds up the process, so recruiter can see candidate’s experience upfront, therefore during the first call there is no need to ask candidate plenty questions and candidate can be invited to the interview immediately.

Step 3


Interview is already scheduled, so get ready for it properly. During the interview our recruiter will provide you all necessary information about the offer and will check your working history with you. Interview is giving a lot of space to candidates to see qualities of ITERACTIVE, as one of our representatives will be in close touch with you through any kind of online platform for the communication. In most cases interview happens only once, so do not hesitate to ask all questions that are going through your mind, double check information that are not clear for you, therefore preparation is very important to succeed.

Step 4

Result of your application

Final judging by recruiter and client. In case that interview was evaluated positively, recruiter that you had interview with, will complete your profile and it will be sent to the end client for final judgment. In the meantime, our recruiter will keep in close touch with you if you would have any additional questions or requests. Your contact person (recruiter) will inform you as soon as the answer from the end clients comes and your contact person will continue in the process to the final step, which is pre-contract or contract itself.

Step 5

Contract or pre-contract

If both parties (candidate & client) are happy and the date is set, our client with our assistance will send you a contract or pre-contract with all details of the terms and conditions. Very important is to read it carefully! An onboarding manual is attached to the contract which gives you more detailed information about responsibilities and duties.

Additional information

  • All taxes will be paid in the country you will work in. It also includes the collective labour agreement which applies depending on which industry you are for working for.
  • The labour and occupational safety legislation is applicable to all employees working for the employers abroad regardless of their nationality.
  • If you agree with the conditions, please sign the contract in every page that shows a duty of signing it, scan it (or make a proper picture by phone) and send it back to the client with our email address in CC (copy).

Summary of our services

  • Outstanding recruitment service with a vast job opportunities
  • Well-paid job abroad
  • Stable position for long-term contract
  • Professional approach and support from our recruiters
  • Assistance during whole processand during the employment
  • Recommending how to travel abroad
  • Satisfaction built on mutual trust

Application form for candidates


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